Big Self writers explore big questions and how to roll in tandem with the universe

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Introspection is useless unless you know how to break out

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A Case Study In Love And Engagement

“Success, in the words of Winston Churchill, ’Consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’. The greatest barriers to success so far have been the fear of failure and the failure to learn from mistakes.”

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3 powerful mindsets to overcome what your brain naturally wants to do.

Reality checks on the road to growth and self-awareness

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Blame your mature industry, technology, and pricing theory

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How conscious are the choices you’re making?

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How to automate healthy habits, and disrupt unhealthy ones

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And remember where you come from

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“We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails.” Aristotle

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Chad Prevost

Big Self Podcast host. Creative Writing Ph.D. I write on Self-Improvement, Mental Health, and Psychology. Join us at @bigselfschool

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